Gorilla Computing

Doin' IT the right way

What we do

Gorilla Computing specializes in Business Groupware Solutions - including Server Installations, Software Management, Hardware Maintenance and Client Support.

Therefore Gorilla Computing introduces a new way to do your inhouse computing by using error tolerant, dynamic hardware arrays combined with innovative open source algorithms. With our help you create your own groupware cloud stack - you can hold your data private without compromising on the features you would expect of an expensive, closed or outsourced IT infrastructure.

What we can do for you

We set up and maintain your servers and keep your employees happy. But we also program and design, we teach, we research and develop and if you really need us to, we even layout and text for you. You're always welcome for a coffee in our office and if we like your idea and you can excite us about it, we're also willing to try something completely new altogether.

If it's complicated and hard and has a strong communications or networking component then we're interested, have probably done it before and can probably help you. You can contact us in a variety of ways.

What we'd like to do

We make heavy use of open source software but we don't only want to take; we report bugs, we translate and where we can, we supply patches. We offer great reductions to NGO's and community projects. It basically goes like this: the better you are, the nicer we are to you.

We run a healthy business in a healthy society. The idea of sharing and balancing is of fundamental importance to us. That's why we offset our entire carbon footprint and donate 10% of our profits directly into charitable organisations and nonprofit projects. Every year.