Gorilla Computing

Doin' IT the right way


Based in Berlin, Germany, Gorilla Computing specialises in developing groupware solutions for startups and growing businesses using the wide range of open software and open standards.

Founded back in 2008, Gorilla Computing has now grown to take on projects from varying internationally operating organisations. Working with a network of skilled professionals and technology partners, Gorilla Computing has been able to grow to the needs of each project to offer the best results possible.

Categorised as a "micro-agency", Gorilla Computing is positioned to take on all types of projects from small freelance style work, to large enterprise level applications across the country. We work with a number of trusted companies, partners, and developers to offer the best solution on time and on budget.

The Team

Paul Kallnbach
Founder, CEO

Clemens Nübel
Senior Associate, Software Engineer

Maximilian Pruß
General Counsel, Product Engineer

Stefan Dunte
General Counsel

Sebastian Dahler
General Counsel

Gunnar Skilandat
General Counsel