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This years donation round saw support for the following projects:

Our strong focus on rainforest preservation and big primate protection projecs is not for symbolic reasons. We like that you can't do either without the local population and without protecting a plethora of other animal and plant species in the process. For the Rainforest Trust and the Dian Fossey Fund we made it into their respective junior corporate programs, sorta underlining our long-term commitment to these projects.

Adopting gorilla infant Urungano

We're parents now! Well, symbolic at least we're told. Nevertheless, we're proud as hell. Meet the new member of the family (and the first actual gorilla in our group)!

"Urungano, meaning peer or same age, was born into Musilikale’s group in June 2017 to mother Rugira, making her the great granddaughter (we think) of the legendary Titus! The reason that we say “we think” is because it is not easy to detect the gender of baby gorillas. We need the right visibility and moment to detect it, so we are still not 100% sure! She will be 3 this year, which is a tough year for any gorilla because that is the age they begin the process of weaning off their mother’s milk and transitioning to a completely solid food diet.

The presence of infant gorillas in wild gorillas groups is an indication of the growth of the population, but they require on-going protection and monitoring in order to ensure their survival.

Proceeds from adoptions support our daily gorilla protection efforts in the field in both Rwanda and nearby Democratic Republic of Congo."


Open Source - it's complicated

Great software. Legal and free. OpenOffice has moved to the Apache foundation where they are figuring out how to move it forward. In the meantime we, like many others, have moved to LibreOffice. But it's all so serious now. We remember when Ethereal's (now wireshark) marketing slogan was "Sniffing the glue that holds the Internet together". Now that was fun. But fun is soooo last century.


There was a time when we got excited about HTML and CSS standards. Validated everything that moved. Religiously. But the world was young then and we believed what the W3C told us. HTML 4 was dead, XHTML was the way forward. Then came the great HTML 5 betrayal. Suddenly all that carefully crafted stuff preparing for the bright, shiny future became illegal in the validation tools. So now we are walking backward into the bright, shiny future. Meh.


Year of the Gorilla

Die UNEP Vereinigung bedrohter Arten (CMS), die UNEP/UNESCO Partnerschaft zur Überlebenssicherung großer Primaten (GRASP) und die weltweite Vereinigung der Zoos und Aquarien (WAZA) haben sich zusammengetan und das Jahr 2009 als Jahr des Gorillas ausgerufen (YoG)! Das trotz des schönen Namens längst nicht alles gut läuft in der Welt der Riesenaffen, ist an den jüngsten Medienberichten über gezielte politische Massaker an den letzten lebenden Berggorillas im kongolesischen Dschungel abzulesen:

theedger.org -- From the Frontlines of Conservation
BBC News -- Diary: Protecting mountain gorillas